Free, Effective Web Content Filter for Safer Computing

posted on May 26, 2011 in Tips for Better Computing
by Wayne Kimes, MCSE, CNE, CCNA

Blue Coat K9 Web Content Filter

In the last month, I’ve had about a dozen people asking me how to protect their kids from viewing inappropriate websites on the family computer.  With the summer coming, there will be lots of family getting together with time off from work and school; so it seems like a good time to tell you how.

There is a product that I recommend that is effective, safe, and free for home use. It’s also easy to install – at the end of this post, there are two videos of me showing you how to download and install it.

The product is called K9 Web Protection and is developed and distributed by Blue Coat. Blue Coat makes some pretty heavy duty web content filters for business, but provides a version that can be installed on a Windows based machine or a Mac OS-X, which is free for personal use.

It is reliable and contains no spyware or other malicious programs that sometimes accompany free programs. I’ve installed this on dozens of computers and have never had a problem.

It will effectively block a wide variety of web content based on categories, or you can simply block specific content. You need a password to make changes or un-install it – so it’s pretty “bullet proof.”

It is also effective in blocking Spyware or Malware from invading your computer; it does this by blocking “known” websites that deliver these harmful programs to your system.

It’s free for personal use, updates itself, and is maintenance free.

Watch this two short videos and I’ll show you how to get it, install it, and configure it.

Download and install – Video 1

Configuring the web content filter – Video 2

If you’re ready to install it – click here –

Good luck and next week, I’ll show how to download, install, and run the program we use to remove Spyware, Malware, and other viruses. There is a free version and it is the best we’ve seen in removing malicious software from your PC.

As Always, if you have questions about K9 or any other product, please feel free to call out office and someone will be happy to help you

Safe Computing,

Wayne Kimes