posted on Jun 09, 2011 in Tips for Better Computing
by Wayne Kimes, MCSE, CNE, CCNA
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Here’s a recent post I sent to several clients that are using Macs in a Windows domain environment:

“Recently, there has been an increase in virus activity for Macs.  This is just a friendly reminder that Macs are not immune to virus attacks.”

The article below discusses a recent virus similar to the Windows Fake Antivirus Virus, which has a
pop-up that says your machine is infected; and it won’t go away until you pay for the full version of their software. This virus is apparently written by the same Russian group that is writing the Windows version.

I am not recommending purchasing an Antivirus product, but just be aware that your Mac is not immune and, as always, exercise caution while browsing the web and installing programs.

Below is the link to the article and below that, a link to Clam AV.  Clam AV is a free Antivirus program for Mac.  As with many free AV products, it is not automatic and must be updated and run by you.  It will not “real time” scan and block infections as they enter your computer. I advise you to download Clam AV, install, and update it – just to have it in case something pops up (a virus). You might want to update and run it periodically.

If you want a full blown AV product for your Mac, the article suggests two:  Sophos and Intego.  Sophos appears to be free, but I have no experience with these products and can’t make a recommendation.  I might spend some time in the future looking at AV products for the Mac, but I’m not sure it’s needed now. Awareness is what is needed now…”

Safe computing-


Clam AV