Simply Support®

Terms and Conditions for Simply Support®

1. I authorize Big Village IT to provide my business with computer and network services. I accept that not all things are able to be repaired. Acts of god, Microsoft and other vendors may make my computer or network inoperable. In the event that my problem is not able to be repaired, Big Village IT staff will notify, or advise me before commencing work. I then, will either authorize service or decline (it rarely is the case that something can not be repaired – Wayne)

2. I authorize Big Village IT to invoice me upon completion of work requested and closing of service ticket, and I authorize Big Village to charge my credit card on file for said work

3. I agree that Big Village IT will be the sole IT support for my business in areas that are not covered by third party services. I understand the reason is so there is no confusion or misunderstanding of responsibility for my computer network administration, maintenance or repairs if needed. If I do desire to have another party service my network or computers, I will notify Big Village IT in writing.

4. I understand Big Village IT is a professional services company with over 50 years combined experience, conducts itself and performs service in accordance with established standard practices in the IT Support industry. I further acknowledge Big Village IT Staff is industry certified with Microsoft, Cisco and A+ certifications and is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and It is my understanding the Big Village IT staff will provide its service with the highest degree of ethical conduct and professionalism. My expectation is absolute privacy and commitment to my business and to its computer and network system.