The Number One Thing You Can Do To Save On IT Costs – It Won’t Cost You a Penny!

posted on Jun 09, 2011 in Tips for Better Computing
by Wayne Kimes, MCSE, CNE, CCNA

The Number One Thing You Can Do To Save On IT Costs – It Won’t Cost You a Penny!

More often than not, when we get a call or go on-site for a new client, the number one thing that increases the time it takes to resolve many problems is the lack of documentation, software, or other information needed to resolve the issue.

Scrambling for this information after a problem arises, increases the time it takes for us to fix the problem and results in longer down time for the business. This also applies to individuals and their personal computers.

1. Keep all of your software in one location, preferably locked up, but where someone with regular availability has access;

2. Keep all of your IT related documents in the same location. Include all licenses for all of your software, including operating systems;

3. Record all of your logins (i.e. login ID/passwords): servers, desktops, wireless routers, firewalls and websites used for business;

4. Record all IT related vendor account information, especially your ISP (Internet Service Provider), account numbers, contact phone numbers, and IP address information.

Just having the above information available for your IT Support Technician when the time arises will speed up resolution time and keep your costs to a minimum.

If you need help with collecting this information, give our office a call and we’ll lend a hand.

Wayne Kimes
Big Village IT, Austin, TX