Why Choose Big Village?

With the dozens of IT Support companies in town, we know you have choices and it’s often difficult to determine the best provider for your needs. Most of the companies in town have the same service offerings as Big Village: network monitoring, server maintenance, remote desktop support, and so on. Most likely your decision will come down to the quality and timeliness of services provided and price.

The most common complaints about Service Delivery: Late or missed scheduled appointments, lack of skills, excuses for fixing the same issues repeatedly (and being charged for it) or taking weeks or even months to resolve persistent annoying problems. While there may be a variety of reasons for poor delivery of service, it usually comes down to:

  • High Overhead. Techs are rushed, over-worked and compelled to bill for every minute of service to support non-technical staff and other high fixed costs
  • Lack of Supervision. Management doesn’t know what’s going on with the Client, Technician or Service call.
  • Inexperienced Staff. To help keep costs down, many companies hire less experienced, lower skilled technicians.

Big VillageIT overcomes these short-comings in the following ways:

Big VillageIT has no Sales, Marketing or Middle Management staff. We have one small office downtown and our Techs are encouraged to work remotely and autonomously. Our “fixed to labor costs” ratio is the lowest of any IT Support company in town. All staff, including the CEO provides technical support when needed, so our overhead remains low.

Big VillageIT is also the only IT Support Company in town where the CEO is a Certified Microsoft Engineer, Novell Engineer and Cisco Certified Administrator; with 20 years of hands on experience working with Small Businesses. Our CEO is in the field working and engaged with the Technicians and clients on a daily basis.

All Big VillageIT team members have a vested interest in providing quality service and retaining clients since they all have ownership in the company.

At Big VillageIT, we only prosper when you do.